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The body can register this information while the conscious mind remains blissfully unaware of what’s going on.

Another theory suggests you can “feel” approaching events specifically because of your dopamine neurons.

Here’s how to make the most of your own innate wisdom.

Early humans who could speedily detect whether a stranger was friend or foe were more likely to survive, he says, and they would create descendents who were able to read emotional signals in another person’s face almost instantly.

“The jitters of dopamine help keep track of reality, alerting us to those subtle patterns that we can’t consciously detect,” Jonah Lehrer, author of (Three Rivers Press, 2010), suggests that it’s a matter of “combining the linear mind and intuition,” and striking the right balance between gut instinct and rational thinking.

Once you’ve noticed an intuitive hit, she says, you can engage your rational mind to weigh your choices and decide how best to act on them.

A connection moves; it goes somewhere; it feels hopeful; it feels good; like it’s heading somewhere, maybe toward a relationship.

If it feels like something other than this, something more lonely, something more tiring, DELETE.

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If only you could tap into those insights more often, right?

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